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WelCel CBD: The Active Ingredients In Our CBD Oil

It seems like new buzzy health ingredients pop up every other day, but some stand the test of time. Ahead, we explain how Dr. Lisa created her vegan CBD formula, turning to tried-and-true, science-backed active ingredients to craft a superior CBD oil. 

What Is CBD?

But first, let’s start at the beginning. You may be asking, “What is CBD?” and “What does CBD stand for?“.

CBD is what is called a cannabinoid, and it’s one of the hundreds of active and trace compounds found in the hemp plant. When CBD and other cannabinoids—as well as terpenes, flavonoids, proteins, and plant-based fibers—are extracted together from hemp, the result is what’s known as full-spectrum CBD.

When she created WelCel, Dr. Lisa knew she wanted its entire product line to be full-spectrum CBD, as it is the most effective and high-strength form of CBD there is. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains the full range (aka the “entourage”) of cannabinoids, which work synergistically—together, they boost health benefits and maximize healing potential. Dr. Lisa built on the “entourage effect” of full-spectrum oil by adding three key ingredients, each one selected for its health benefits.

CBD Active Ingredient #1: Turmeric

One CBD active ingredient she singled out is turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial that’s been described as potentially the “most effective nutritional supplement in existence.” Studies have repeatedly shown the root’s many health benefits: reducing inflammation, lowering triglycerides (fat in the blood), relieving joint pain, aiding digestion, and promoting youthful brain function. To that last point, a recent landmark study found that turmeric boosts the production of a growth hormone that leads to improved memory and enhanced clarity. 

CBD Active Ingredient #2: Ginger

Dr. Lisa’s second go-to CBD active ingredient is ginger, a root that’s in the same family as turmeric, and whose good-for-you benefits are as equally powerful. Ginger has played an important role in both traditional medicine and alternate forms of wellness for millennia. It’s often used to treat nausea (especially morning sickness) and inflammation. In fact, there is scientific research showing ginger to effectively help with osteoarthritis, as well as with muscle pain and soreness brought on by exercise. There are also studies whose results indicate that ginger potentially lowers blood sugars and cholesterol levels. 

CBD Active Ingredient #3: Peppermint

The third CBD Active ingredient is peppermint, an herb long-touted as an all-around health hero. It’s known to act as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever, and therefore may alleviate tension headaches, migraines, and menstrual cramps. It’s widely thought to soothe digestive irritation, such as gassiness, bloating, and indigestion. An antibacterial, peppermint effectively keeps bacterial infections at bay.

What’s never in WelCel CBD? Metals, pesticides, molds, or fillers, additives, or preservatives of any kind.