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Documentary “CBD Nation” Makes a Powerful Case for Cannabis

August 2020 saw the release of CBD Nation, the first major film ever to tell the story of medical cannabis. The powerful new documentary weaves testimonials from leading experts spanning the field of medical cannabis with the personal stories from patients who credit the plant with their successful recovery.

The Making of CBD Nation

A major moment prompting creator David Jakubovic to make CBD Nation was watching a TED Talk given by Dedi Mieri, a biologist who studies cannabis and its ability to kill cancer cells. Jakubovic interviews Dr. Mieri for the film, as well as dozens of physicians, medical cannabis experts, and patients and family members who turned to the plant after seemingly running out of options in the world of traditional medicine. Together, these human stories and expert interviews reveal the healing potential of medical cannabis. 

CBD’s Healing Potential

One of those stories is that of Jayden David, who, as a baby, was diagnosed with a rare and severe form of epilepsy that triggered hundreds of seizures a day. Emergency trips to the hospital were all too regular, and prescription pharmaceuticals came with crippling side effects. Desperate and frustrated, his father decided to try medical cannabis on his child. It worked: the plant calmed Jayden’s attacks. “The first day I gave it to Jayden was the first day I had ever seen my son not have a seizure in his life,” his father told Jakubovic. 

Organic chemist Raphael Mechoulam puts it bluntly: “We published our findings thirty-seven years ago: cannabidiol (CBD) blocks epileptic attacks in patients. What happened? Nothing for thirty years. Nothing happened until desperate parents like those in this film did their own research and found out that cannabidiol can help children with epilepsy. But epilepsy is just one of many conditions that we know cannabis medicine can treat. If the world chooses to not look at all of the science, it is not ignorance—it’s negligence.” 

Watch our interview with “CBD Nation” Director, David Jakubovic

CBD Nation is available on Amazon Video, iTunes, and video on demand.