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CBD Oil Effects on Pets, SAD, Memory and More.

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Every month, we provide links to articles and videos about the benefits of CBD that we think you’ll find vital to a healthy lifestyle. Live.Life.Well.

From: Hemp Industry Daily

Fur Babies Love CBD, Too

The hemp experts at Hemp Industry Daily joined forces with Nielson Global Connect for their latest report on CBD in the pet industry and it is fascinating. Did you know this is a market that practically didn’t even exist just four years ago, and is now projected to potentially hit $60 million in sales in 2020? If you and your pet have had success with CBD and you’d like to know more, then download the free report here

From: Mayo Clinic

CBD + Seasonal Affective Disorder

With the weather colder and the days shorter, many people begin to feel a little down this time of year. For others still, it’s much more than feeling a bit sad. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can cause depression, anxiety, moodiness, low energy, and insomnia—symptoms that CBD has been shown to treat (though of course you should talk to your doctor if you think you’re suffering from SAD). Check out the basic facts here.

From: The News Station

New Research Shows CBD Improves Memory

We all know CBD’s therapeutic potential is vast. The News Station reports on preliminary research out of the U.K. indicating that CBD may in fact boost blood flow to the hippocampus and other areas of the brain involved with memory, thus improving memory function. More studies are to come, but researchers are encouraged by these early findings. Read more.

From: LiveKindly

Investing In a Green Planet

This month, Vevolution launches a new technology platform designed to match plant-based start-ups with like-minded investors. As a plant-based business, it’s so exciting to see fellow vegan companies doing big things to drive positive change for the planet. Read on to learn more about changing the world through impact investing.

We’re On Team Green: Meet Mayawell

Plants over pills, plants over soda pop, agave over added sugars. At WelCel, we’re big believers that plant-based is always better. Austin-based Mayawell clearly agrees, churning out delicious bubby beverages made with organic agave harvested by hand in Mexico and with only four grams of natural sugar per bottle. (Compare that to the whopping 39 grams of added sugars in a can of Coke.) Instead of harming your body, the agave-rich drinks help with brain function, the immune system, and digestive health. Read more