Dr. Lisa Gardner, CEO

CEO and Founder of Premium CBD Company, WelCel, Inc.

WelCel is more than a CBD company. It’s a new movement for global well-being that was born from the vision and passion of its CEO, Dr. Lisa Gardner, D.O., FACOOG — a board-certified, surgically trained physician. Her journey of becoming an award-winning doctor wasn’t easy, but it was on this journey where she ultimately discovered her purpose and became the compassionate, successful, and inspirational person she is today.

Dr. Lisa Garder, CEO of Welcel and her mission to be the best CBD company

Originally from England, Dr. Gardner moved to the United States with her family when she was nine, and she became a citizen when she was seventeen. Her dream of becoming a doctor forged an unwavering resolve inside of her to become the best version of herself so she could help others do the same.

During her 15-year tenure as a highly sought after and regarded ObGyn and surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Gardner saw deep into the lives of thousands of women while providing them with the highest level of medical care.

Dr. Gardner began to question the corporate medicine mentality of prescription medication being a one-size-fits-all solution for anyone and everyone. She felt there had to be an alternative before someone succumbed to taking prescribed synthetic pills for the rest of their life. She struggled to find that answer even from her colleagues, so she ventured out on her own with conviction and determination to discover it for herself.

Making the bold decision to walk away from corporate medicine, Dr. Gardner established her own private medical practice in 2011, Fusion Medical Aesthetics, which quickly became and remains the leading practice in the greater Fort Worth area for men and women’s hormone replacement therapy, wellness, performance, and aesthetic medicine. This significant step of faith gave Dr. Gardner the freedom and clarity she would need to accomplish what she originally set out to do — a mission to create the best CBD company she could to help people become the best version of themselves through natural, plant-based alternatives to mainstream medicine.

Dr. Gardner’s continual pursuit to provide the best possible care for her patients has garnered her numerous awards, accolades, and national recognition throughout her exciting medical career, including being named “Top Doctor in the Country” by Newsweek Magazine. This same pursuit led to Dr. Gardner’s greatest professional endeavor thus far — WelCel a premium CBD company.