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How Much CBD Do I Need?

According to experts, your body weight and fat percentage play a key role in how CBD will help your body. They suggest that a range of 1 to 6mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight is an appropriate daily dosage, depending on the severity of your condition.

For example: If you weigh 200 pounds, take 20-40mg for a mild symptoms, 40-80mg for moderate symptoms, and 80-120 mg for acute symptoms.

Mild Symptoms

20MG Dose


500MG Hemp CBD Oil

Autoship Price: $63.99

Moderate Symptoms

40MG Dose


1000MG Hemp CBD Oil

Autoship Price: $103.99

Acute Symptoms

120MG Dose


3000MG Hemp CBD Oil

Autoship Price: $215.99

Three ways to take WelCel™ CBD

How long you have to wait to feel the effects, as well as the duration of those effects, relies heavily on the three ways you may consume WelCel™ CBD products including Softgels, Tinctures, and Relief Roll-ons.

750MG Hemp CBD Oil Softgels

Autoship Price: $79.99

1000MG Hemp CBD Oil

Autoship Price: $103.99

1000MG Hemp CBD Roll-On

Autoship Price: $115.99

Double Tested by 3rd Party Labs

Cheap, imported CBD products can contain pesticides and heavy metals, that are mislabeled or falsely labeled about their ingredients, which means that people are unknowingly putting harmful toxins into their bodies and, unfortunately, aren’t experiencing the same level of wellness benefits that WelCel™ provides. Our physician-formulated CBD oil is tested not once, but twice during the production process to guarantee our products provide the highest level of safety, purity, and quality.

Metal Free
Mold Free
Pesticide Free
Lab Tested
CO2 Extraction

WelCel™ is Committed to Keeping Tails Wagging.

Hi! My name is Jack the Golden Retriever, and my face is on this box. My mom is Dr. Lisa Gardner, and she knows that a dog’s life isn’t always a walk in the park.

She made this supplement to help me and my furry friends have a more productive and healthy life for the time that we are with you.