About Us

About WelCel

WelCel is a wellness brand first developed in 2020 by Dr. Lisa Gardner and her husband, Trey Phillips. They have always believed that traditional medicine could be improved and set out to do so with research-backed ingredients that promote higher energy levels, better sleep, reduced stress, weight loss, and more.


At WelCel, we believe in using the highest quality ingredients to drive the highest quality results. Our products undergo rigorous third-party testing to confirm purity, safety, and effectiveness. We strive to meet your health and wellness needs by providing quality alternatives in a world of over-processed, chemically-laden food and supplements. Welcome to the new you!

What Sets WelCel Apart:

Physician Formulated

All WelCel products have been formulated and approved by Dr. Lisa Gardner to ensure you are only consuming the best!

Medical Grade

Unlike most brands, WelCel supplements are medical-grade. They are produced in an FDA-Certified cGMP facility.

Lab Tested For Purity

WelCel products are 3rd party tested to ensure purity and potency is up to our standard! All of our products are free from harsh chemicals and metals.

Meet the Owners

WelCel was co-founded by Dr. Lisa Gardner, a board-certified, nationally recognized, award-winning surgeon and her husband Trey Phillips, a retired Sergeant with the Fort Worth Police Department. Together they created WelCel, to bring their customers doctor-approved products so they can feel good when consuming!